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BeltWide Substrates, direct from the Canadian peat bogs to you!

BeltWide substrates Carolina Gold AFM 3.8cuft and The Silver 3.8cuft for tobacco seedling production are manufactured in Canada. Our substrates are designed to be coarse, maximizing air space in the production cell for plant root development and easy wicking. We do not market germination mixes, ours are production mixes designed to produce strong transplants for best field survival.


With tobacco trays the cell shape is everything and BeltWide trays wick best! 


The EPS trays made under the BeltWide name feature unique cell designs that allow for highest density molding and price convenience or strong light density molding at the best price. These trays are 20% less deep than a conventional EPS tray. 
Grower-proven SHALLOW 288 trays* will save you 50% on your soil media costs.
And when you use our compressed bale Carolina Gold AFM, you'll save even more. Quality without compromise!!

“New products”

Beltwide's new plastic float tray will make EPS trays a memory


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