2017 NCSU Tobacco Tour

This time at the Oxford, the Upper Coastal Plain and the Lower Coastal Plain Research Stations and hosted by the Extension and Research Faculty in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Crop and Soil Sciences, and Entomology and Plant Pathology.
A very good turnout and time to get updated on programs that cover all areas of agronomic production and management of flue-cured and burley tobacco transplant production. 
And for 15 years in a row BeltWide Incorporated sponsored the first breakfast that everyone seems to enjoy.

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As preparation for the new TPN harvest with its  technical team held the annual meeting with the producers in Villa Hidalgo, Santiago, Nayarit. With the goal of update the practices and the production of the Tobacco plants according to the good agricultural practices.

In this occasion we were invited to participate in the substrate subject and we had the opportunity of hearing directly from the Carolina Gold AFM’s users and producers their opinions, answer questions and clarify concerns.

We were able to assess that the producers of TPN in Nayarit are satisfied with the substrate Carolina Gold AFM. Its characteristics and behavior with respect to other substrates and the benefits that have been achieved in the production of high quality plants.


August Meeting at Nayarit

Some pictures from our travel to Nayarit

Padron Cigars

José Orlando Padrón is a legend in the Cigar World. Hefounded famous Padron Cigars in 1964.  We can proudly count Padron Cigars among our customers and the tobacco plants used for this outstanding cigars are grown in BeltWide's The Silver substrate!

Padron cigars factory tuor, Esteli Nicaragua."from Seed to Smoke". visit: http://www.padron.com